Welcome to Hoth, I mean, Michigan.

“This is how you transition this, this is how you transition that…” is a commonality on fashion blogs come mid-February through mid-April and then again mid-August to mid-October. But I’ll tell you this, there was no fucking transitioning going on here. It was cold. Actually, it was below cold here. On a mild day, the high was 29 with a low of 16. On a brutal day, my “Weather App” said the high was 22, with a low of -6. And don’t even get me started on those wind chills. Don’t eeeeven get me started.

With an attempt to brave the frozen tundra known as Detroit in a somewhat cute outfit, it was important to be prepared for whatever may happen. Hence, my over-the-knee boots and combination backpack-purse-satchel. If I had to trek through 12+ inches of snow, no worries, I gots mah over-the-knee boots. Not only are they designed to be over-the-knee boots, but I’m 4’11′”, so they came up way more past my knee and a little ways more up my thigh for complete leg protection. Suck on that, snow. Suck. On. That.

With mah handy dandy combination backpack-purse-satchel, I was not only able to carry all of my necessities (wallet, q-tips, keys, tampoons, vodka, ice scraper, gloves, first aid kid, etc), but I could throw it on mah back when I had to use my phalanges to dig my way through the snow.

The blush pink color of the coat is truly magical… while on a hanger. However, it seems to have matched the pink pale tone of my translucent winter wind-burned face. I was definitely not going for that. But I definitely succeeded.

Anyways, the weather is starting to warm up here and I’m finally about to shave my legs. I did hear it snowed in Utah a few days ago, so this post is still somewhat relevant. And blush pink is like the HAWTEST color of the year so far!




blushcoat4“Are my feet still there? I can’t feel them.”


blushcoat6“Oh shit, my ear is actually falling off.”


Knit beanie: American Apparel (here)

Necklace: J. Crew Factory (love this too!)

Jacket: Forever 21 blush jacket (love thisthis, and this too!)

Sweater: Mossimo from Target (love this, this, this, and this too!)

Leggings: StyleMint (love these, these, and these too!)

Boots: Sam Edelman “Portland” Boots [from TJ Maxx] (love these too!)

Backpack: French Connection “Tough Love” Backpack [from TJ Maxx] (here… love this, this, and this too!)


I couldn’t be more excited to announce this blogger collaboration I did with Nichole of the fashion blog, A Type of Style, who also just happens to be one of my best friends. Nichole and I have this problem where we have the EXACT same taste in clothing. No kidding. We excitedly texted each other when the Phillip Lim for Target collection hit stores to tell each other what we had gotten and not surprisingly we had picked out the same items. Sigh, we’re fashion soul mates. Even though we pick the same clothes, we don’t always style them the same way, so we decided to show you our perspective on the BOOM! sweatshirt. Hopefully this shows you that every piece in your closet can have great range depending on what you pair with it. Enjoy! (Also, look for more of these collabs in the future!)

AND BOOM GOES THE (3.1 Philip Lim for Target) DYNAMITE!

ImageWatch this first, then proceed to read.

“Paint me like one of your girls, Mr. Roy Lichtenstein” I whispered when I checked myself out in the mirror. This outfit makes me feel like a mix of a Roy Lichtenstein painting, a Piet Mondrian painting, a tertiary color wheel, and a comic book. For my look, I chose to pair BOOM! sweatshirt with an Express quilted leather skirtblue pumps, and a red clutch.

I love the playfulness Lim had with his Target collection. He ain’t scared of shit!


For Nichole’s look, she paired the BOOM! sweatshirt with some faux leather leggingsspike flats, her new House of Harlow earrings (gifted from the genius herself for Nichole’s birthday a few days ago! [Happy Birthday, Nichole!]) and her 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel.


3.1 Philip Lim in da (Target) hizzouse!

How insane do I look? And by insane, I mean insanely good! I know I need to work on my model poses, but this cross-legged/awkward smile will have to do until I take some classes.

Sunday didn’t work for me, so Lim was going to have to wait for me until Monday. I prepared for my trip to Target with 2 Uzi guns, a bulletproof jacket, and 1 venti iced vanilla latte (light ice). To my dismay, the racks were filled with an absurd amount of clothing, including the pieces I wanted. Except the purses. Not 1 purse remained. Apparently all of the naked purse ladies attacked the purse shelf and left without any articles of clothing. Nuts. Just nuts.

ImageImageImageImageSun spectacles | Free People (similar here)

Crystal Necklace | Target (here)

Ball Necklace | Target (here)

Blouse | 3.1 Philip Lim for Target (here)

Jeans | Old Navy (similar here)

Heels | BCBG Max Azria (currently loving these and these)