Dark, Plush, Comfortable, & Warm: It All Starts with a Sofa from Anthropologie

Couples are always dealing with agreeing on…. well, everything. I’m sure someone out there is dreading dealing with their significant other on where to eat dinner (doesn’t Chinese take out sound good right about now?!) But in this case, dealing … Continue reading

Pet the Furry Floors!

I’m currently on the hunt (pun intended) for a hide rug. I am without a rug in the guest room and living room. I figure, why not use a different hide rug in both?!

Hide rugs are a rustic chic, but sophisticated, way to bring a room together!

Here a few that I really like. I want a more clean lined one for the living room but a true-to-life contoured shape for the guest room. There are so many choices and most of them are relatively inexpensive for a nice rug!

Happy hunting!

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