Dark, Plush, Comfortable, & Warm: It All Starts with a Sofa from Anthropologie

Couples are always dealing with agreeing on…. well, everything. I’m sure someone out there is dreading dealing with their significant other on where to eat dinner (doesn’t Chinese take out sound good right about now?!) But in this case, dealing … Continue reading

Whips & Chains… But mostly chains… Shiny gold chains!

Before I was more of a sterling silver girl, but I’ve converted… I’ve gone full Jewish grandmothah when it comes to my jewelry. I’m a big ole fan of dainty chains, but I’ll go all out for the heavy ones (à la Lil’ Jon) any day. I’m also fond of having more bangles on my wrist than a gypsy. Here are a few of my fave chains I’ve spotted lately/on my Hanukkah wish list: