Malachite Delight!

Kelly Wearstler was a great influence (as I’m sure for many other designers as well) that intrigued me about rocks and minerals; how they can be used in different rooms, their different appearances, colors, and textures, and how they can make a room feel. For malachite, it’s that green hue and rippled look that is just that perfect mix of color AND texture!

During the holidays, an accent of a malachite piece or malachite accents around your home are just what you need! Here are a few of my favorite malachite items.

malechite collage

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

For some more affordable malachite options, you can buy some malachite fabric here and find a malachite DIY here!

Kelly Wearstler’s Genius Hits Cameron Diaz’s Manhattan Apartment

I’ve had all eyes on Kelly Wearstler’s every move since my youthful days as a young Interior Design student lady person.

When the Elle Decor October issue’s cover graced my eyes, I immediately knew it was a design of the genius herself. From the light, color, and texture used, it was all her. The living room and kitchen are my favorite designs of this space. The living room is light and refreshing. The kitchen is quite the contrast evoking a darker and subdued feel in stark emerald.

Check these bebes out:








Pet the Furry Floors!

I’m currently on the hunt (pun intended) for a hide rug. I am without a rug in the guest room and living room. I figure, why not use a different hide rug in both?!

Hide rugs are a rustic chic, but sophisticated, way to bring a room together!

Here a few that I really like. I want a more clean lined one for the living room but a true-to-life contoured shape for the guest room. There are so many choices and most of them are relatively inexpensive for a nice rug!

Happy hunting!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Wittle Butters in The Vegas!

ImageImageWe traveled to The Vegas a few weeks ago for Joe’s 30th birthday! We prepared for this adventure by reading novels such as, “Las Vegas for Dummies,” “Learning from Vegas,” “101 Things to do in Vegas without Gambling” and “Las Vegas The Untold Stories.” Unfortunately, we did not learn much from them.

We succumbed to the sun, slot machines, mojitos, nightlife, and pools. Everything these novels told us to stay away from.

We spent each day by a pool, including Aria’s Liquid, The Palms’ Ditch Fridays, Caesars’ Venus, and Mandalay Bay’s Bare. I will warn thee, some of these pools were more European than others (hint: boobs!).

It was impossible to not drink at least 4 Red Bulls after each day by the pool to stay awake for the night time (I’ll tell you a secret, one night I fell asleep in my Filet Mignon).

The Vegas I experienced this time around was a much different world than the one I saw when I was with my Mom at 17 years old.

Next time, we will limit our Vegas vacation to 2 days long, if that.

The End.