Dark, Plush, Comfortable, & Warm: It All Starts with a Sofa from Anthropologie

Couples are always dealing with agreeing on…. well, everything. I’m sure someone out there is dreading dealing with their significant other on where to eat dinner (doesn’t Chinese take out sound good right about now?!) But in this case, dealing … Continue reading

Wet Hot American Summer: The Necessities

As I was growing up, I was lucky as shit to go to several sleep away camps. Although, at the time I questioned my parents motives. Why were they sending me away for weeks on end every summer until I was like 15?! But, now I have memories that will last a lifetime! Good job, Ma and Pa!

It started at an all girl’s camp in Wisconsin at a young age. There I was awarded “Best Blowfish Impersonation” (don’t ask, or, please do ask!). I learned how to sail, realized I ab-so-fucking-lutely loved Arts and Crafts, and also got my first tick (or four, I’m so sweet, they couldn’t get enough of me!). I then went to a co-ed camp in the middle of Missouri (aka Lesterville, Missouri) for several summers where I was awarded several archery awards and experienced my first floating down a river in a tube. Later on, as I was doing terrible in French class at school, my Pa thought it was genius to send me to a French camp in Minnesota (sort of like band camp, but… not). It. Was. Awesome.

But enough about me, and more about WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER! As I watched Wet Hot American Summer and then Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, I could seriously relate to so many of the situations …I always did wonder what my counselors were up to at night when they left the cabins.

Despite being set in 1981, so many of the things in that movie are still relevant today – one piece swimsuits, Birkenstocks, aviators, etc.! Here are a few thangs I picked out if you’re having the urge to reenact Wet Hot American Summer or sleep away camp for yourself!

WHAS with Numbers

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14

What’s Gray, Yellow, and White All Over?!

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