Hi all!

I’m Margaret! Welcome to my blog, Wittle Butters!

Many people call me Wittle Butters or a variation of it… “Wittle,” “Wittles,” or “Butters.” I acquired the nickname for several reasons. First, Margaret sounds like margarine, which is similar to butter, sort of. Margarine is actually higher in “good” fats — polyunsaturated and monounsaturated — than butter is. But that’s besides the point! Second of all, my username on JDate at one point in time (about 3 years ago) was “MargeButterPants” and I acquired the nickname “Little Butters” which evolved into “Wittle Butters,” and the rest is history!

In November of 2012, I decided to start this blog to document and write about my interests! Besides Dachshunds and Interior Design, I love fashion, traveling, anything creative, laughing, food, and anything else I find inspiring! That sounds so basic but I swear I’m not! I put my “wittle” twist on everything!

If you need a big or a “wittle” help on giving your home some interior design tender loving care in any way or for any other questions, please contact me at wittlebutters@gmail.com


Margaret AKA Wittle Butters

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