A Lil Muted, A Lil Modern, a Lil Feminine, a Lil Moroccan, and Voila!

I love any hint of Moroccan design characteristics within interiors, and exteriors for that matter (who doesn’t love [Moroccan] lamp these days?!). Moroccan characteristics always exude a sophisticated, yet cultured, yet bohemian feel. The best of all worlds, if you ask me!

There’s no reason to make a room look like Morocco (or France, or Italy, or Jamaica…) threw up in it. Please keep your Eiffel Tower themed everything, “refurbished” painted wooden sign you bought from HomeGoods that apparently says “pasta” in Italian (but really says tree), and your Rastafarian themed pillow cases for another time. And if you were wondering, there’s no need to install a beautifully tiled fountain in the middle of your Moroccan bedroom either, a touch of color, geometric shapes, and pattern will do just the trick!

The amazeballs Moroccan style focal point of this bedroom is the bed and the light fixtures above the nightstands. The detailed inlaid bone (a characteristic of Moorish architecture, ya learned somethin’, didn’t ya?! Didn’t ya?!) of the bed is mesmerizing, just like it was and always has been since the good ole days of ancient Egypt. The fixtures above the nightstands remind me of Moroccan lanterns, with not only a hint of glamour and a dash of shine, but also an extreme overload of bling AKA fuck yes!

Now if only I was willing to work the corner during the midnight shift so that I could afford this cloud of colors!

Design Activity Collage 2 with Numbers

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

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