When the winter comin’ in ma, drop earrings like it’s hot!

I currently live in Detroit, Michigan (okay, a SUBURB of Detroit) and I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, so I totally understand the bi-polar temperatures during the transition from autumn to winter (and from winter to spring for that matter). I’m always confused on what to wear, so layering is obviously key during these times of trouble and transition. And just to let you know, I’m awful at transitions. Even getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle. However, once I accomplish that feat, this is the thought process in my head every morning, “First comes the jeans… button down… sweater, maybe a sweater? Oh crap, I forgot underwear and a bra! Then faux fur vest, jacket, scarf?” As proven by my thought process, layering can sometimes not be the most glamorous way of dressing for you day if not executed well. And I’ll admit, I always end up looking like Ralphie in his snowsuit from A Christmas Story. Moral of the story is, the easiest way to dress up that bundled fall outfit is with a dazzling drop earring! What better way to sparkle up that grey and dreary day with a pair of these babes! Shiny thangzzz, FTW! Who can resist a pair with so many shapes, sizes, and styles?!


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