You’re Makin’ Muh Buttuh Melt, Lohan.

Ms. Lohan,

Sometimes you pull at my heart strings more than The Olsens and Ms. Richie combined, sometimes. This time is one of those sometimes.

I knew I would begin to cry during your interview with Letterman on April 9th. But I began to cry before you even sat down. That Suno dress (buy here, here, and here!) was perfect. You’re perfect.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 1.30.26 PM

lindsay-lohan-david-letterman-late-show-cbsYou even walked gracefully out of the Ed Sullivan Theater following your interview with Dave in a little chic black leather dress. Kudos.

after showDespite your numerous horrible outfits that went with your un-flattering, un-perfect, and un-good days. There are so many perfect outifts that went with those perfect days as well (and more to come)! Circa 2005, at your “Herbie Fully Loaded” or, “Lohan Fully Loaded” premiere, in that Dolce & Gabana dress, I was crying.

lindsay_lohan_herbieWishing you all the best, Lindsey. Just stay away from Vikram Chatwal. Uhhh!



Wittle Butters

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