Drop crotched onesie (with Seagulls too)? Yes, pwease!


(My lazy eye is totes in full force here. Observe.)

Hiding my body shape is one of my fave hobbies. I like to make it as hard as possible for people to tell if I’m a 12-year-old boy or a 24-year-old woman, yes, a woman! From drop crotched pants to dolman sleeved shirts (in a large, please!), the more baggy or drop crotchy, the better! My clothes are often so much baggier than my actual self that the boyfriend has even began to say I dress like his old middle school art teacher. To which I say, “Thank you! …You don’t know fashuuun!”

Blazer | Forever 21

Onesie | Natty Paint (Urban Outfitters)

Heels | Giuseppe Zanotti

Clutch | Forever 21 (similar here)

Bracelets | Aldo (similar here)

Wittle Butters in Chicky Chicky Chago!

Hope everyone had a fun and somewhat safe St. Patrick’s Day/weekend! I’m happy I got to go to Chicago for the weekend and spend it wif the best of the best (Nichloé and Sam)! Unlike the 80 degree Chicago weather last year… it was absolutely freezing. I thought it would be wise to only bring a jean jacket since the weekend’s forecast read 40 degrees (a scorcher compared to Detroit’s recent 20 degree temperatures).

The first day, we ventured up and down Michigan Avenue from Zara to Topshop to the nearest bar. I snagged (is that a word?) a cutesy skirt and adorbzzz little chain purse at Topshop (I had never been! Only on the interwebs). That evening, I paired thy tube skirt with a striped blazer I got from Urban Outfitters. The only problem with the tube skirt is that I can only make strides about 5 inches from each other. This doesn’t make for a very efficient walking Butters.

On the day of Green Beer, I wore some green pants (how original!) with a mullet (aka high-low) tank top. My little booties are what truly made my Irish Jigging possible (similar here). We plopped ourselves at some place called Elephant and Castle for about 5 hours. Later that evening, I met up with my friend Jordan from high school and we found ourselves at Chicago’s hottest club… Spybar (in Stefon’s voice)… where you’ll see midgets with monacles doing keg stands (amongst other things)!

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What Would Wittle Butters Do?: Travel Carry-On Edition


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Traveling is such an exciting experience whether you’re traveling by foot to your bathroom, by car, or by plane! Here is a compilation of items that I try to remember to pack in my carry-on when I’m traveling. To be honest, I’m lucky if I remember to pack my iPod and/or headphone and/or driver’s license and/or make-up.

Cosmetics—I’m obsessed with having 500 lip glosses on me at any given time. Lip gloss just makes people think in their little brain heads, “Wow, she got some nice lips. I sort of want to make out with them.” I like that.

Entertainment—Comedy is my main bitch. Tina Fey, Chelsea Handler, Babe Walker, etc. Them bitches are my main bitches for entertainment. I also wuuuuuv music, so I connect my little radio to my iPod and I’m a dancing machine.

Clothing—A nice Grandma-like sweater and some nice trendy, comfy flats for my smelly feet are key for traveling. Also, a pair of reflecting sunglasses make you look like a celebrity in the Detroit airport as well.

Stuff—Stuff includes my American Apparel sack, Missoni for Target sack, and Louis Vuitton sack. These “stuffs” holds my other little tiny “stuff” which makes it more convenient for me to access it during all of my moments of traveling.

Energy—La Croix (French for, “Overly expensive carbonated water”) really provides carbonated oxygen for my brain. Sometimes I don’t get enough oxygen to my wittle head. I also really like to suck down one to two or maybe three 5-Hour Energys before I suck down a Bloody Mary before I suck down a shot a Jameson before I suck down a bag of peanuts before I take a nice nap on the plane.

Communication—Y’all hear about them new iPhones?

Y’all Ready for Spraaang Break?

Hey y’all! Spring Break is just around the corner! Here are some of my fave recent picks whether you’re going to the beach or the city! Although I wish I was heading to the beach, I’m off to Chi Town for St. Patrick’s Day weekend and I’m super exxxcited! I’m so enthralled to watch the river turn green with my best friend Nichole from A Type of Style and Sam (he’s a bro). Some activities we have planned thus far are a visit to the aquarium. Once at the aquarium, we will set the sharks free! …Any other suggestions of things we should do?


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